Md. Shoaib Akhtar, Senior Research Associate


Md. Shoaib Akhtar is working as a Senior Research Associate in the Bangladesh Foreign Trade Institute. Mr. Akhtar works on national and international trade policy issues and has research interests in Trade in Services (GATS) and Tourism Industry. He has been a leading researcher and STE in several projects funded by the World Bank and Government of Bangladesh.
Mr. Akhtar completed BBA and MBA from the University of Dhaka. His research paper Achieving Bangladesh’s Tourism Potential: Linkages to export diversification, employment generation and the “green economy” published from the World Trade Organization (WTO). He has several research papers, attended conferences, trainings and presented papers at home and abroad.
Akhtar has expertise in international trade regulation and policy related research, training and policy advocacy. He is experienced in regional economic cooperation, trade facilitation, Aid for Trade, service trade, trade related technical assistance and institutional capacity building. His particular areas of interest is in the Tourism Industry and Trade in Services. Econometric Modeling, GTAP, and quantifying trade policy is also his field of interest.