Mr Md. Majbahul Islam


Mr Md. Majbahul Islam has successfully completed BSS and MSS in Economics from the University of Dhaka, with a specialization in International Economics, Development Economics and Research Methodology. He has interests in International Economics, International trade policy, Tariff and non-tariff barriers, Regional and Bilateral trade agreement negotiation, Market access strategy, Trade facilitation,trade in services, transit trade, trade-related technical assistance and institutional capacity building.Earlier, he worked atBIDS. His main duties were data collection, survey supervise, survey report writing and research help when necessary.

After joining BFTI, he has participated in lots of seminars and workshops on trade policy regime of Bangladesh, TOT on NTMs and NTBs in South Asia Region organized by BFTI, and other organizations. Currently, he is doing research on ‘’NTMs/NTBs faced by Bangladeshi exporters in South Asia and other countries of the world”.