Training on “Electronic Traceability for Agricultural Trade Facilitation and Smallholder Integration”

Date : 7-9 April, 2014

Venue : Zizzi Hall, Platinum Suites, Dhaka.


Jointly organized by UNESCAP, BFTI & UNIDO


1. Khan M.F. Salehin, ESCAP
2. Heiner Lehr, ESCAP
3. Dr. Md. Kamal, UNIDO
4. Mr. Mohammad Farhad, BFTI


Participants were drawn from public and private sector companies/organizations. Participating companies/organizations were as follows:

•    Solidaridad Network Asia
•    Amam Seafood
•    Industries Ltd.
•    Satkhira Foods Ltd.
•    Ark Sea Foods Ltd.
•    Bangladesh Auto Biscuits & Bread Manufacturers Association
•    UNIDO
•    Bangladesh Shrimp and Fish Foundation
•    Department of Fisheries
•    Hortex Foundation
•    KTS Logistics Ltd.
•    Fish Inspection and Quality Control
•    Custom House (ICD),
•    Masud Fish & Ice Complex Ltd.
•    Centre of Excellence: Agro Food Skills Foundation
•    Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations
•    Bangladesh Foreign Trade Institute


To facilitate the participants in understanding the issue of Electronic traceability and its application in creating market linkages for smallholders in international agriculture supply chains.


The training course attempted to provide a clear understanding about E-traceability and its importance in case of inclusive, safe, accessible food production for world market. The course dealt with agricultural trade facilitation and findings from a business process analysis study in Bangladesh, E-traceability: the theory, food information systems and their designs, E-traceability in Bangladesh, basic supply chain traceability, implementation strategies, market linkages for smallholders in international agriculture supply chains: policy options for Bangladesh etc. The training methodology was case-study and practical exercise based.