Mr. Ali Ahmed

Mr. Ali Ahmed joined as the Chief Executive Officer of Bangladesh Foreign Trade Institute in April, 2015. He is a policy expert and an active participant in many of the policy-level national and international dialogues and discussions. He was directly involved in framing government policies, acts, national budgets and implementing them. He obtained his B.A. (Honours) and M.A. in Economics from the University of Dhaka.

Prior to BFTI, Mr. Ahmed served the government as a Member (Customs) of the National Board of Revenue (NBR). He has several publications, both in Bengali and English. He regularly hosts and participates in television talk-shows and other programmes.

Mr. Ahmed joined and presented papers in many international trainings, workshops and conferences, such as, Regional Workshop on Enhancing Capacities for Trade in Services Policy Making and Negotiation in Sri Lanka, International Conference on Trade and Employment Challenges in Asia: Insights for South Asia in India, and, Nepal-Bangladesh Business Forum.