Bangladesh has achieved a significant growth in exporting vegetables. The export of vegetables rose from US$ 44.67 million in FY 2008-09 to US$ 147.54 million in FY 2013-14, spanning an export market that covers more than 40 countries. This growing trend in export suggests that Bangladesh has a significant potential to increase exports of vegetables to international markets, provided necessary measures are taken to comply with the market specific quality standards and that certifications for health and food safety are genuine.

In view of its addiction centers california, potential as an export item the vegetables sector in Bangladesh, since the early 1990s, has witnessed various production and export promotion initiatives. Nevertheless, the production in the vegetables sector in Bangladesh and the accompanying performance in exports are often beset with a myriad of problems. The sector faces a number of constraints both in the domestic front as well as in the export market. For example, supply side constraints, supply chain and value chain issues, and policy-induced measures in the importing countries have all worked in constraining vegetables exports from Bangladesh. In that context, a study that attempts to analyses export readiness of vegetables sector in Bangladesh through identifying such constraints and suggesting remedial measures thereof acquires a paramount importance.

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