• Bangladesh Trade and Investment Study: Market Opportunities and Trade Barriers
    BFTI along with the Institute of International Trade (IIT), is currently undertaking a comprehensive research initiative entitled “Bangladesh Trade and Investment Study: Market Opportunities and Trade Barriers.” This study has been instigated by Tetratech International Development and is funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) of the Australian Government. It is worth noting the longstanding history of diplomatic engagement and development cooperation between Australia and Bangladesh, which has resulted in a progressively strengthening trade and investment relationship. In the year 2021, a pivotal milestone was reached with the signing of a Trade and Investment Framework Arrangement (TIFA) between the two countries, aimed at further enhancing trade and investment prospects.
  • Impacts of Padma Multipurpose Bridge on the Foreign Trade of Bangladesh
    The completion of Padma Multipurpose Bridge has fulfilled the long-cherished dream of the nation for connecting the 21 southwestern districts with the rest of the country resulting in collective prosperity, socio-economic development of Bangladesh as well as enhanced regional connectivity. Besides encapsulating the nation’s pride, courage and perseverance, the Padma Multipurpose Bridge is also a catalyst for domestic and foreign trade growth. However, so far, there has been no ex-post study conducted investigating the Padma Multipurpose Bridge’s impacts on the foreign trade of Bangladesh. As the bridge is expected to facilitate foreign trade, Bangladesh Foreign Trade Institute (BFTI) is conducting a study titled ‘Impact of Padma Multipurpose Bridge on the Foreign Trade of Bangladesh’ to explore, investigate and understand the underlying impacts of the Padma Multipurpose Bridge on the foreign trade of Bangladesh for the first time in the country.
  • Comprehensive Framework Document on the WTO MC Outcomes and Agreements
    Bangladesh Foreign Trade Institute (BFTI) has taken an initiative to develop a comprehensive framework document on the World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial Conferences (MC) Outcomes and Agreements. The rationale for the framework document is to identify potential scope of the 12 WTO MC Outcomes and agreements and areas of work as these are epochal for international trade. The framework document aims to provide an in-depth understanding of how these agreements affect Bangladesh’s economy, trade policies and overall development.