• 04 Studies for Trade Facilitation:
    The BFTI has been awarded a Notification of Award by the Bangladesh Regional Connectivity Project-1 (BRCP-1) for conducting 04 Studies suggested by WTO Cell, Ministry of Commerce. The titles of the studies are given below:
    Study 1: WTO Special and Differential Treatment (S&DT) and Graduation Challenges.
    Study 2: A compiled policy and regulatory guidelines/standard operating procedures (SOP) for Cross Border Land Port Management with respect to international trade and transport formalities, procedures, documentation and related matters.
    Study 3: Simplification of Trade Procedures, Custom Modernization ease of doing business for export promotion of Bangladesh to ensure policy coherence between national development priorities and international obligations on Trade Facilitation Agreements
    Study 4: Sanitary and Phyto-sanitary (SPS) and Technical Barrier to Trade (TBT) co-ordination and notification, certification process and infrastructure for promoting trade.
  • Studies on 12 Sector-Specific Trade Roadmaps
    BFTI is conducting study on ‘Identification of Trade-related Graduation Challenges and Preparation of Sector-Specific Trade Roadmaps for Overcoming the Challenges’ under the “Diagnostic Trade Integration Study Update (DTISU) of Bangladesh: Trade Roadmap for Sustainable Graduation (TRSG)” Project, WTO Cell, Ministry of Commerce. These studies will address the challenges of sustainable graduation of Bangladesh from the LDC status and will also develop trade roadmaps for 12 key export sectors of Bangladesh. 12 sectors are: RMG (Woven & Knitwear), Light Engineering including Electronics and Electrical, Software & IT related Services, Shipbuilding, Pharmaceuticals & API, Tourism Service, Plastic, Agro products & Processed Food, Fisheries and Livestock, Leather & Leather goods, Non leather Footwear, and Nurse & Midwifery Service.
  • Study to determine policy support for RMG sector
    BFTI is conducting a study for Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) titled “Conduct study to determine policy support and incentives (including subsidies) to be offered now and during post-LDC graduation for sustainable development of RMG export sector analyzing the mechanism and strategy of its closest competitor countries”.