Message of CEO

Bangladesh Foreign Trade Institute (BFTI), as a think tank, has been focusing on Bangladesh’s national objectives in respect of international trade by providing necessary policy support to the government and its agencies, to business associations and their members as well as other organizations engaged in international trade. BFTI’s primary activities involve applied research on foreign trade policy, including policy advocacy, practical training and capacity building of the policy makers as well as the functionaries in their respective fields.

It aims to become a centre of excellence in education, training and research with well-designed academic programmes focused on international trade and development. BFTI is endowed with the unique opportunity to influence areas of critical importance to Bangladesh in the rapidly changing regional and global trading patterns and practices as well as transfer its knowledge, skills and experiences to the target beneficiaries.

We plan to set up the foundation on which we will continue to put together our knowledge and skills to develop an in-depth understanding of global trade and economy, and thereby provide a clear direction that would invariably ease our partners and clients’ decision-making on critical management and policy issues. BFTI will start expanding the spheres of its educational programmes and research in newer areas embracing, among others, the legal, economic and political perspectives of international trade in order to overcome the challenges arising from LDC graduation.

The key inspiring factor for BFTI is its human resource and a relentless drive for distinction. We must, therefore, engage and cultivate the best contenders available for undertaking challenging but useful assignments. Only then can we expect innovative and impact-driven approaches to the current and emerging issues in global trade.

The institute will provide its staff with necessary tools to accomplish their work in a comfortable environment that will ensure access to knowledge sources in order to stimulate their thinking process continuously. To facilitate creative approaches to intricate issues, it is also important to provide opportunities to the staff to interact from time to time with leading personalities in the fields of trade, investment and other disciplines to share their insight on the changing world around us.

As a centre of excellence, BFTI must not be confined to the issues that today’s business owners/managers are faced with but should also induce enthusiasm among those of the future to seek its support. BFTI’s educational and training programmes/courses will allow government policy makers, exporters and potential exporters, managers and university graduates to upgrade their knowledge and skills by attending workshops and seminars or by pursuing diplomas or post-graduate courses on international trade. Our clients will be assured of the highest standards as BFTI will partner with world-class education and training institutes and offer internationally accredited courses and programmes.

Bangladesh has made commendable progress in terms of growth and development during the last decade, in particular and we aspire to become a developed country by 2041. Today, and in the years ahead, BFTI will keep on striving to help make Bangladesh a country with significant drive and vigour in the global economy, gifted with a creative and dynamic private sector, capable of navigating new paths to success resulting in impressive economic progress of the country as a whole


Dr. Md. Jafar Uddin
Chief Executive Officer
Bangladesh Foreign Trade Institute