MoU Signed between BFTI and e-CAB:
Date: 5th April, 2019
A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between BFTI and the e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB) on 5th April, 2019 at the National Press Club, in order to organise together 10 training programmes on “Transforming Business to e-business for e-commerce Entrepreneurs”.

Signing MoU with the World Trade Institute (WTI), Bern, Switzerland
Date: March 2013
To develop as an internationally reputed institute for trade policy research, and a centre of excellence for education and training of the highest standard on trade and business related subjects, Bangladesh Foreign Trade Institute (BFTI) aims at strengthening its capacity by learning from the experience of other institutions devoted to trade and development related research and training. Since such learning can be conveniently achieved through establishing and maintaining permanent links with institutions that have built up a reputation on training and research in trade policy and development, the BFTI negotiated a MoU with the World Trade Institute (WTI), Bern, Switzerland on academic and technical cooperation. During the visit of the BFTI team to WTI in March, a Letter of Expression was signed with stating the intent to sign a comprehensive MoU in respect of future collaboration.

BFTI has become a member of the UNCTAD Vi network
Date: April 2013
Bangladesh Foreign Trade Institute (BFTI) has become a member of the UNCTAD Virtual Institute as a think tank on 16 April 2013. The Virtual Institute is a capacity-building and networking programme for academic institutions in developing and transition countries. Its aim is to help them strengthen their teaching and research capacity in the area of trade, investment and development, and increase the policy orientation and relevance of their work. Recommended to the Vi by the Permanent Mission of Bangladesh to the United Nations in Geneva, BFTI academics became interested in joining Vi during a recent visit to Switzerland to discuss academic cooperation with Pierre Sauvé, Vi coordinator at Swiss core university member, the World Trade Institute. It is to be mentioned here that this is one of the successful outcomes of recent visit of the BFTI team to Switzerland.

MoU Signed between BFTI and FBCCI
Date: 8th November, 2015
A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between BFTI and FBCCI on 8 November, 2015, in order to improve the environment of trade and business in Bangladesh. The Parties would conduct joint researches, find regulatory barriers and ways to remove them, provide recommendations to the ministries for smoother business process and would conduct other activities of common interest.
Mr. Ali Ahmed, CEO of the BFTI and Mr. Abdul Matlub Ahmad, President, FBCCI signed the MoU on behalf of their organisations. 

MoU between BFTI and CIS BCCI on
Date: 27 August, 2015
BFTI Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ali Ahmed and CIS- BCCI President Mr. H.K Kabir, signed  an MoU on behalf of their respective sides on 27 August, 2015, at the BFTI office. An initiative was taken by CIS-BCCI to increase bilateral trade relations with CIS countries,with particularly Russia.

CIS-BCCI Vice- President Mr. Lokman Hossain Akash and Director Mahbub Islam were present at the signing ceremony.